Saturday Odds & Sods: Scattered

Hot 8 Brass Band at Ashley Morris’ funeral photograph by Howie Luvzus.

I didn’t feel like writing a full-blown Odds & Sods post because Michael Homan’s memorial service is later today. I’m afraid I’ve been a bit theatrical in grieving for my friend: I try not be to be corpse at every funeral and bride at every wedding but what can ya do?

I’m glad I played a role in the Picvocate’s obituary. I helped put people in contact and was even quoted correctly by the estimable John Pope. I did, however, say very twice. Homan would mock me for that. We had discussed the overuse of that word. Hell, I even wrote a post mocking the abuse of that very word, yea verily. What can I tell you? Superlatives are required to describe my late friend.

Then there was this exchange about the obit between myself and fellow OG NOLA blogger and Homan friend Editor B:

What can I say? I got carried away.

Grief is a funny thing. I knew I’d be upset over Homan’s passing but I didn’t expect it to hit me this hard. I wasn’t his closest friend, and he wasn’t mine. But there was a special bond between us forged in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Federal Flood.

Michael Homan is the latest of the OG NOLA bloggers to die: Ashley Morris, Morwen Madrigal, Greg Peters, Sam Jasper, and Rob Steinmetz went before him. As my friend the Typist said, “15 years ago, we were warriors. And now we are old.”

I’m nervous about today. Because of the pandemic, I haven’t gotten out that much in the last few years. I’m glad to be a spectator and not a participant in the ceremony. I’d be fretting about tone. I’m relieved to not have to. Besides, I’m all shook up about not finding an Elvis costume that would fit and not cost an arm and a leg. I guess I was right to worry about tone.

That concludes this second tribute to Michael Homan. He’ll always be malaka-mou to me and Dr. Malaka to everyone else. We always got each other’s jokes and made one another laugh. He would have laughed at the Elvis costume joke even if nobody else thought it was funny. He will be missed.

The last word goes to The Kinks with a song Ray Davies wrote after the deaths of his mother and older sister:

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