Tattoo Newt

I’ve never had a tattoo. I don’t like pain. Besides, what if I got bored with it? Tattoo removal sounds painful and expensive. Again, I don’t like pain.

Having said that, I have nothing against tattoos; I have many tattooed friends. I even dig this guy and his boss, the Corinthian leather guy:

That image is giving me flashbacks, man.

Today’s morning memo at TPM has given me Nineties flashbacks, man.

Newt is in the news, man. Bad trip, man.

TPM’s Christina Cabrera nails it so, I’ll quote her, man:

“Morality Authority Speaks

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) is desperately sticking to the GOP’s extremely weird new line of attack claiming that Pennsylvania Democratic senatorial nominee John Fetterman has gang ties, though Gingrich has an added a special twist: Heroin.

  • Gingrich zeroed in on Fetterman’s “I Will Make You Hurt” tattoo on Fox last night, which the Republican claimed was “either a reference to a song in favor of heroin use” or “was a tribute to the Crips, which was a Los Angeles-based, very violent gang.”
  • “These people verge on being sick,” said Gingrich, who divorced his first wife as she was being treated for cancer.

Reality alert: Fetterman’s tattoo is a reference to “Hurt,” a well-known song by Nine Inch Nails that has literally nothing to do with the Crips.”

I’m not a Nine Inch Nails fan but I met Trent Reznor several times because some friends lived next door to his joint on Magazine Street. Nice guy, but his music isn’t my cuppa tea:

I do, however, dig Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt:

The assault on Fetterman’s tattoo may be the stupidest culture war attack yet. Has Newt seen some of the Dipshit Insurrectionists?

That bozo was busted because of his head tattoo. Does Newt consider him a martyr to the cause? He makes John Fetterman look like a normie.

Republicans don’t understand that Fetterman’s attire and tattoo are part of his appeal. Newt is succeeding in making him look even cooler, especially in contrast to the blow-dried quack the GOP is running against him.

Thanks, Donald.

There are no tattoo tunes on Tattoo You so the last word goes to The Who:

4 thoughts on “Tattoo Newt

  1. I have nothing against people who have tattoos. Some of my dearest friends and nearest relatives have them. I don’t have tattoos because I like having money better.

  2. I heard that Fetterman also has the date tattoo’d for every resident of his town that died when he was mayor. So that he’d never forget.

    And that a couple that were renovating an old house years ago, in late fall, were surprised when Fetterman showed up at their door, carrying a wood-stove for them, saying “I don’t want anyone in my town to freeze to death”. Fetterman’s wife was surprised to hear this, and stated “so THAT’S where you went with that stove!”

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