Election Season

Harold Lloyd hanging on for dear life hasn’t made as many appearances this year as in the last two cycles. Politics never stops in 2022, which makes it hard to put anything in the proper perspective. It’s all part of the short-term thinking I deplored yesterday in my pistol of an epistle. Not that kind of pistol, those are for Republicans. I meant my second Dear Dad letter.

I nearly called this post “election day” but we now have an election season, not just one day supplemented by absentee ballots. Oddly enough it was W’s henchman Karl Rove who put voting by mail on the map. The man his boss called Turd Blossom pushed it because of elderly and military GOPers. That turned on a dime in 2020 on a petulant whim from the Impeached Insult Comedian. One of many good things he ruined. Now Republicans are challenging military ballots in Wisconsin. So much for supporting our troops. Happy Fucking Veterans Day.

I like election season. I’m in favor of anything that makes it easier for citizens to cast their ballots. It’s called democracy. Republicans used to believe in it. Now they only believe in power. They no longer think they can win elections fair and square, which is why they’ve turned to voter suppression measures so “those people” cannot vote.

Elections should be about the future. As far as the QOP is concerned, it’s about 2020 and the ultimate sore loser. The BIG LIE is alive and well. True conservatism is dead as I wrote in my first Dear Dad missive. Conservatives should believe in competition not chicanery. Oh well, what the hell.

Repeat after me: Don’t Call Them Conservatives.

The Kaiser of Chaos nearly threw a monkey wrench into Republican dreams of a so-called red wave. He wanted to announce his 2024 candidacy last night at a rally for the Buckeye ass kisser, JD Vance. He was talked out of it but teased a Mar-a-Doorn announcement later this month. He has a constant craving for the spotlight. He doesn’t understand that’s one reason he lost in 2020.

It’s time for a musical interlude:

It doesn’t feel as if we’re about to experience a so-called red wave. 1994’s wave election was as much about Congress itself as Bill Clinton. Newt Gingrich had been trashing the House for years and perfected the wrecking job with the contract on America. Democrats had controlled the House for 40 years and played into Newt’s hands with the House banking scandal. There used to be a bank for members. It used to let them bounce checks without penalty. I am not making this up.

It doesn’t feel like the 2010 teabagger wave election either. They claimed it was about socialized medicine and taxes when it was really about race. Holy white backlash, Batman.

I threw away my crystal ball in 2016. I’m skeptical of Michael Moore’s prediction of a Blue Tsunami. He *was* right in 2016, so there’s that. He’s issued enough caveats to hide behind if things go sour. He’s dead right about one thing: the poll aggregators are using many junk polls from GOP sources. It’s not just Rasmussen anymore.

I have no idea what will happen today. I’m hoping Dems will hold the senate. It depends on how the close races fall. It could be better, or it could be worse. That’s why they count the votes.

Election season ends tonight. Counting season follows, which ends speculating season. We won’t know the result in some races until later in the week. That provides many opportunities for Trumper mischief, especially in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Hopefully, there won’t be as much Trumper mayhem as feared.

I have one prediction: there will be beaucoup litigation. It’s a bonanza for the election lawyers but a mess for the country.

A remarkable letter was sent to the Pennsylvania goober candidates yesterday by four former Governors urging the candidates to accept the results. We know Josh Shapiro will. The real question is his election denying antisemitic opponent. Oy just oy.

Democracy *is* on the ballot today but even if the results are terrible: it’s not the final blow. President Biden will veto the worst things coming out of Congress. There will, however, be no judges confirmed and they’ll fuck around with default again. Trumpers always overplay their hand. It’s what happens when you pull politics out of your ass. 2024 is the big one with the White House at stake.

We’re all tried of each election being the most important of our lifetime. It’s where we are as a country. I quoted Tim Ryan on the exhausted majority a fortnight ago. Even political junkies like me are tired of politics but we have no choice but to soldier on.

I’ll probably check in later today.

We all need some perspective right now. The last word goes to Peter Gabriel.

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