Sweatin’ The Election

Longtime readers are likely to be surprised by the title. I am usually opposed to g dropping. The only reason I dropped this g was to make it rhyme. If that’s a crime, I plead guilty.

The title is inspired by the heat and humidity. It’s damn hot in New Orleans. Yesterday’s high was a record: 90 degrees on November 7th. There oughta be a law.

I prefer to vote on election day. I like walking to the polling place and bantering with the natives. They’ve moved us around since Hurricane Ida. The 13th Ward voted at St. Katherine Drexel school from 2006-2021. We were moved to the former NOPD station on Magazine Street for the last municipal election. Votes were cast, no arrests were made.

This year, I voted at the VFW post on Lyons Street just a stone’s throw from Adrastos World HQ:

It was a bit cramped but it felt right to vote there with Veterans Day approaching.

We had a long ballot of state constitutional amendments to vote on. One of which is a poorly worded one that kinda sorta abolishes slavery. The wording was confusing and downright hinky

“Do you support an amendment to prohibit the use of involuntary servitude except as it applies to the otherwise lawful administration of criminal justice?”

A little more care would have been a good thing. The sponsor Red Stick State Rep. Edmond Jones ended up opposing his own measure. I voted yes with my eyes wide open. I’m not going to vote against abolishing involuntary servitude. Let the courts straighten out this mess.

There was one hot local race: a special election to replace disgraced former State Senator Karen Carter Peterson. It pitted two liberal state reps with similar views on the issues, Royce Duplessis and Mandy Landry. I was surprised that people were surprised that it got personal. It’s what happens when there’s little difference on the issues.

I voted for Landry. The lege needs more women, especially pro-choice women.

Duplessis knocked on my door last month and we spoke briefly. I told him I liked both candidates and he said “I keep hearing that but I’m the best.”

Not long after that, Duplessis went negative and dirty:

At least they were arguing about who was more pro-choice.

That’s life in the city that care forgot. The last word goes to Antoine Fats Domino:

4 thoughts on “Sweatin’ The Election

  1. Actually, my friend, Article I, Sec. 3 of the LA constitution already prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude: “Slavery and involuntary servitude are prohibited, except in the latter case as punishment for crime.”
    The amendment you voted for would authorize involuntary servitude on what appears to be a less restrictive basis, allowing it for the “lawful administration of criminal justice,” whatever the hell that means.
    No wonder the author opposed it.

  2. I was under the impression it was a supplement. The confusion is on the drafter.

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