Media Outlets:  Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen

So last week TFG had Nick Fuentes to dinner at Mar-A-Lago. Fuentes is a heap of putrid garbage who gleefully spouts hate and the less said about him, the better. Whether Fuentes was a known part of the dinner party or whether the other guest surprised TFG makes no difference.

And I mean that literally. It makes no difference who TFG hangs around with. It never has. It never will. The GOP will gloss over all of it once they’re sure that Americans have moved on to The Next Thing. Don’t believe me? Remember 1/6? How much of an obstacle has that been to people like Marjorie Taylor Greene? She most likely had a role in planning the insurrection and she’s going to be the power behind Kevin McCarthy’s rickety throne (assuming he manages to cobble together 218 votes—and I am not sure that’s going to happen).

The media hasn’t seen that yet though. Once the dinner was revealed the push to get Republicans on the record as condemning TFG began. The media claimed a victory when on Sunday Asa Hutchinson criticized TFG for meeting with a neo-Nazi. Uh, Hutchinson is a lame duck governor who has no further political ambitions. It was nice that he did that, but it doesn’t move the needle.

The Senate returned to work this week and reporters went to work looking for outrage. Apart from Bill Cassidy, whom Our Fearless Leader wrote about on Tuesday, they didn’t find any, although they tried very hard to make fetch happen. For example:

“Shouldn’t be” is carrying a lot of the load there, hmmm? And of course, even after a disastrous midterm election, McConnell won’t speak out against TFG. Power is everything. But the tweets from Caldwell are misleading—here’s what McConnell actually said:

This was a report from a usually decent reporter:

OK, what’s ridiculous? There’s no context to her response which is presented as a meaningful.

What’s worse is that TFG is being treated as the victim and forced to associate with a white supremacist against his will:

Newflash! There were 3 white supremacists at that dinner.

The media has learned nothing from covering TFG. There is no pivot coming. There is never going to be pivot. All the GOP has now is TFG and he can lead them literally anywhere. And he will.

My title refers to the movie Mean Girls (my second reference to it in a week) where a character is hellbent on making “fetch” go viral at her school. The school’s Queen Bee shuts her down. Would that there were someone to say the same to the media. Here’s the scene to close out this post:

7 thoughts on “Media Outlets:  Stop Trying To Make Fetch Happen

  1. I never saw Mean Girls. Now I know what “never going to make fetch happen” means. I thought it referred to bad dog-training skills.

    1. it’s a musical too, and very funny. i am holding back my favorite song from it for the Speakership election debacle in January.

  2. Trump can try to claim ignorance of who he was having dinner with but I’m sure he had to be vetted by the secret service before he arrived at the table

    And it’s clear that MTG’s faction is the controlling faction in a Republican House
    It will only get worse.

    1. the story now is that MAL doesn’t have SS protection but I haven’t read further to see if that’s another TFG lie.

      1. SS is there to protect him from people who might want to hurt him, but they can’t protect from people he wants to associate with.

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