Low Bar In The Gret Stet Of Louisiana

I’ve always had a low opinion of Louisiana Doctor Senator Double Bill Cassidy. He’s a rank opportunist who has moved from Dukakis supporting Democrat to Tea Party Republican to Trump enabler. Since his vote to convict in the second Trump impeachment he’s been trying on a new political identity by moving to the center-right and posing as the sort of genuine conservative I wrote about here, here, and here.

Cassidy received some plaudits from the Gret Stet peanut gallery and MSM for Tweeting this out:

It’s not my father’s Republican party or even the party of Reagan and Poppy Bush who denounced Gret Stet Fuhrer Wannabe David Dukkke. It is, however, today’s GOP.

I realize that Cassidy, in his awkward, bumbling way, is trying to fix his broken party. Until his vote to convict Trump, he was part of the problem, now he wants to be part of the solution. Forgive me for my skepticism. He’s tried on so many political personas that it’s hard to take his current role as Red State anti-Trump Man seriously.

We in the Gret Stet of Louisiana know something about fighting Nazis. Our politics were consumed by the aforementioned former Klan leader David Dukkke from 1989-1991. He ran statewide in consecutive elections: getting 43% of the vote against lackluster conservative Democratic Senator Bennett Johnston in 1990. That shockingly good performance led to Dukkke making the gubernatorial runoff the next year. This was the unofficial slogan of the anti-Dukke forces:

The crook was, of course, Edwin Edwards, the ethically challenged but charming Democrat who was making a comeback after losing to Buddy Roemer in 1987. David Dukkke made that comeback possible as Le Guv won his fourth term.

Edwin was an unlikely Captain America, but he punched out the Gret Stet Fuhrer Wannabe 61-38.

That was the political high-water mark for David Dukkke. He became a perennial losing candidate as well as a convicted felon. So it goes.

I recapped Gret Stet Goober history because there was an interesting discussion on NOLA Twitter about what Cassidy’s motives were for criticizing the Kaiser of Chaos’ antisemitism fest at Mar-a-Doorn. One person wondered if this was a sign that Cassidy might run for Governor as a Democrat; given Cassidy’s tendency to make flippy floppy such speculation is not entirely implausible. I’m skeptical. I think Double Bill wants to shovel some Trumpian horseshit out of the Augean stable that the GOP has become. Is that what Pennywise meant when he said he was a stable genius?

One more note about Gret Stet politics. John Bel Edwards is term limited and cannot run for Governor next year. Since Gov. Kathleen Blanco chose not to run for reelection in 2007, the Gret Stet Democratic party has degenerated into a toxic waste dump of incompetence and venality. That’s led some decent Dems to grasp at straws such as a Cassidy party switch, make that return, out of fear that uber-Trumper state AG Jeff Landry will be the next governor.

A Landry victory could happen, but Louisiana politics remains quirky and unpredictable. Nobody thought Buddy Roemer, Mike Foster, or John Bel Edwards would become governor but they did. The next governor may be another outlier. Stay tuned.

Back to Doctor Senator Cassidy. For once, I don’t ascribe political motives to his denunciation of Trump’s meeting with the antisemitic rapper and his Nazi pal. I think it’s down to common decency. It’s in such short supply in the Trumpified Republican party that the media has turned common decency into an act of courage. It is not. Being an anti-antisemite should be synonymous with being an American. We licked the Nazis once; we can do it again.

The mere fact that Double Bill Cassidy is being praised for a simple act of common decency shows how low the bar has become in both national and statewide politics. It’s yet another example of the poisoned chalice that Trump bestowed on a once proud political party. That chalice should not be passed on, it should be shattered into a million pieces.

It’s time to raise a ruckus, then raise the bar.

The last word goes to Old Crow Medicine Show: