Party On, Justice Bro

Partying with Stephen Miller, Brett Kavanaugh, and Sebastian Gorka.

Charlie Pierce calls Politico Tiger Beat On The Potomac. They lived up to the nickname by publishing this guest list:

“SPOTTED at Matt and Mercy Schlapp’s annual Christmas party at their Alexandria home on Friday night: Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Ginger Gaetz, Sean Spicer, Alex Acosta, Sebastian Gorka, Stephen and Katie Miller, Chad Wolf, Greta Van Susteren and John Coale, Laura Schlapp and Bryan Wells, Brendan Carr, Rep.-elect George Santos (R-N.Y.), Erin and Nick Perrine, Erik Prince, Ziad Ojakli, Peter Davidson, Steve Holland and Ben Terris.”

Spotted? There were leopards? I only see wingnuts everywhere:

Apologies for the early musical interlude. Once I typed everywhere I was a goner. The video, of course, has bupkis to do with the song but a hit’s a hit.

Back to the party guest list as chamber of horrors. Talk about gruesome guests:

  • Sean Spicer: professional liar.
  • Alex Acosta: Epstein enabler.
  • Matt Gaetz: Fascist frat boy.
  • Erik Prince: mercenary and DeVos bro.
  • Chad Wolf:  inspired the next musical interlude.

The party sounds so vile that I’d be tempted to Schlapp the host. I’m glad my name isn’t Schlapp. Imagine the jokes. I, for one, would never slap Schlapp the CPAC guy. The Civility Police would not approve.

Three names stick out like a sore right thumb:

  • Stephen Miller: Trump aide in charge of cruelty.
  • Sebastian Gorka: Fascist and racist Hungarian emigree.
  • Justice Bro DBA Brett Kavanaugh.

The rapey entitled Supreme who cried at his confirmation hearing?

The guy who said this to Senator Klobuchar?

That guy.

Brett Kavanaugh was barely confirmed to SCOTUS in 2018. As First Draft’s chief and only legal analyst I covered the hearings and the mishigas surrounding it. I called it The Kavanaugh Mess.

Kavanaugh has gotten the Supreme Court into another fine mess by keeping bad company.

Cue obvious musical interlude:

Stephen Miller is currently the head of something called America First Legal. The organization fancies itself as the right’s answer to the ACLU. In that capacity, Stephen Miller has filed multiple amicus curiae briefs to the court on which Justice Bro sits.

Hanging out with a POS like Miller is bad enough but judges should not socialize with those arguing before them. Remember when the mere possible appearance of impropriety was enough to cause a media shitstorm?

A piece at Bloomberg Law details the possible ethical implications of Justice Bro’s partying with extremists.

Kavanaugh’s party-going raises questions about when a justice’s personal relationships cross a line and become problematic. Democrats have recently renewed calls for sitting Supreme Court justices to follow a formal judicial code of ethics.


“Supreme Court justices should be extraordinarily careful in not only having no actual ethical difficulties but having no appearance of an ethical conundrum as well,” said Tonja Jacobi, a professor at Emory University School of Law.


Especially now, given “the legitimacy of the court at the moment is taking a severe beating,” she said.

The Supreme Court’s power is based on its legitimacy. Past Justices got that but the current majority seems not to have gotten that memo; or to have read Federalist Number 78 whose author Alexander Hamilton called the judiciary “the least dangerous branch” because it doesn’t have an army to enforce its rulings.

Thanks to Sam the Sham Alito & the Federalist Society Pharaohs, the judiciary is no longer the least dangerous branch. Our rights are imperiled every time a pet wingnut case is argued before SCOTUS. Justice Bro is one of the Pharaohs thanks to Runaround Sue Collins.

Kavanaugh’s attendance at the wingnut holiday shebang is not illegal; at worst it’s an ethical misdemeanor. Justice Bro is a piker next to Mr. Ginni Thomas DBA Justice Clarence Thomas. That’s some serious shit, y’all.

The point of this legal tempest in a teacup is that the current SCOTUS majority doesn’t care how they’re perceived. They have the hammer, and they intend to use it to smash precedents that the American people have counted on for decades. That’s not conservative, that’s radical.

Repeat after me: don’t call them conservatives.

Justice Bro is such an arrogant asshole that I don’t mind judging him by the company he keeps. Supreme Court Justices used to fight Fascists, not party with them. Besides, how much fun can partying with Steven Miller be? The mind reels, the stomach churns. Robert Jackson weeps.

The last word goes to Nat King Cole:

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