All Quiet On The Manchin Front

There hasn’t been a DEMS IN DISARRAY! story for the media to sink their teeth into for a while, so being the enterprising crew they are, pundits have resurrected the non-story story about Kirsten Sinema becoming an independent but now have cast Joe Manchin in the lead role.

From earlier this month:

Manchin says he has no plans to become an independent and will let people know if he changes his mind. This is the end of this, right?

Nope. Desperate for something to talk about other than the implosion of the Republican Congressional delegation, Jake Tapper flailed around to attempt getting a scoop:

Manchin repeats the same stuff he’d said 2 weeks earlier, so Tapper failed.

Here’s the thing:  if Manchin becomes an independent, nothing bottom line-related changes in the Senate. I doubt he makes the break as long as Joe Biden is president since Biden is a moderate. Plus then he’d lose out on financial support from the Democratic Party for his re-election bid in 2024. Unlike Sinema, right now he’s got the nomination sewn up, and it’d be stupid to burn that bridge before the next general election.

I say that he’s got the nomination sewn up because the WV Democratic Party is in shambles. West Virginia was the last state to go full MAGA and it’s going to take a very long time to crawl out of the hole it dug for itself. The WV Republican Party is full of stupid white men and as awful as they are, that is what the vast majority of West Virginia voters want. It is what it is.

And, again, Manchin isn’t going to become a Republican. Not only does he intensely dislike McConnell, he hates hyper-partisanship. And it makes zero sense to defect to the party that is out of power.

The main reason that Manchin won’t become a Republican though is that he has zero chance of winning the WV GOP primary because there are already 3 awful GOP candidates in the race. One is the state attorney general, Patrick Morrisey, who has spent his 10 years in office on the wrong side of every legal issue and who was part of the legal effort to overturn the 2020 election.

Another candidate is Alex Mooney, currently my House representative. You’ve never heard of him because he is a complete cipher. He spends all day spewing GOP talking points in oblivion because he’s such a loser. As far as I can tell, his entire purpose in the House is to sit on some council dedicated to bringing international soccer games to the US. But he’s a great parrot and as we know, wingers love to hear talking points and catch phrases.

The third candidate is our sad sack governor, Jim Justice. He’s the living, breathing embodiment of petulance, white privilege, and fatuousness. Here’s all you need to know about him:

So fear not on the Manchin front.

Here’s one of my favorite Christmas carols–Merry Christmas and thanks for reading!