It’s The Fascism, Stupid

Let’s check out the fascism beat.

On Wednesday TFG happily “re-truthed”a call to violence:

Oh, you prefer fascism with a lighter bouquet? How about this instead?:

What better reason to suspend the government than a world-wide financial crisis?

Some people prefer heavier seasoning of sexism in their fascism:

Others prefer a more white bread approach:

There’s always the traditionalist crowd:

Ah, you gotta love the classics.

There’s even a sartorial spin available:

On a serious note, this can’t be good.

What’s the media response to the authoritarian attack on public education?:

“Let them eat cake.”  Nice.

Fascism is no longer creeping. I hope Woody’s right about the fascists losing:

5 thoughts on “It’s The Fascism, Stupid

  1. Someone needs to remake Red Dawn as a movie in which the plucky Patriots of Idaho secede from the Union and defend their new Commonwealth with their single shot AR-15 and their hunting arms against a Combined Arms response from the United States. Just how many planes and tanks/APCs does the national guard have in Idaho compared to the rest of the US military?

  2. And what passes for our liberal media (clears throat) platforms Never Trumpers like Nichols, never noting that they built the monster machine GOP with no off switch.

  3. Don’t look at the pink elephant! Don’t feed the trolls!
    Maybe, just maybe if a couple of Democrats had just put on one of those stupid pins we would not have to be disgusted with Mr Whatever wearing one. When you tell everyone to look at whatnot you have fed the troll. Give them something else to look at.

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