Dear Mainstream Media: Walk On By

The mainstream media in this country still doesn’t get it—we’re in a full-on propaganda war and they are playing by antiquated rules. Here’s the latest example:

I have no idea how this is a “masterclass in great journalism”. Comer spends 10 minutes spouting scores of lies about the “open” northern border, the FBI censoring social media, the New York Post being a reputable news source, etc., and Collins pushes back mildly on a few of the issues.

How is this being lauded by other journalists? Comer goes on and on about the possibility of the Chinese balloon spreading a bio-weapon. When Collins presses him, he says he’s just saying we don’t know if it was. He keeps repeating this fake news in its fake framing, and she lets it go.

Comer goes on to question the reality of truth, and Collins just lets it go. She’s a reporter on an alleged news network, and she lets his statement that no one can know that is truth just slide by. She gives him time to blather on about OMG HUNTER BIDEN’S LAPTOP! It’s extremely dispiriting to realize that journalists I respect thought it was a notable exercise in journalism:

Here’s the thing:  Fact-checking and following up in cases like this don’t work. These extremists like the chance to look like they’re fighting back against woke liberals, and preferably on “mainstream media” outlets. They spread their hate and lies to millions of new viewers who don’t watch FOX or any of the other extremist media outlets. All these cable tv hosts are doing is spreading the extremists’ message beyond their preset right wing media limits.

What’s the solution to this?  STOP PLATFORMING EXTREMISTS. Good grief! There is no simulation of life on Earth where James Comer is a bearer of useful, factual, information. And questioning him only HELPS him. He can send that clip to the all-hallowed FOX and get on in prime time to talk about how he stood up to the woke liberals (even as CNN isn’t a liberal network (none of them are, btw)). Stop it.

Burt (R.I.P.) and Dionne can have the last word: