Fascism With A Smile Is Still Fascism

Nikki Haley announced her presidential bid on Tuesday. This long-expected announcemet was a revelation to political reporters who were giddy with excitement. Evidently Haley is a fascinating conundrum, and a puzzle to be solved.

Amy Walter has a piece today at the Cook Political Report

Enter former South Carolina governor and U.N. Secretary Nikki Haley, who announced her bid for the White House on Wednesday in sunny and warm downtown Charleston. Her message was more “happy warrior” than “culture warrior.” “We are ready to move past stale ideas and faded names of the past,” she said. “And more than ready for a new generation to lead us into the future.”

Here’s the thing, though:  Despite her decrying of “the stale ideas…of the past”, Haley’s political positions are the same as TFG’s:

And despite Walter’s characterization of Haley’s message as less “culture warrior”, this is how Haley announced her candidacy:

Let me refresh your memory about John Hagee:

So much for Haley not being a culture warrior. Oh and Hagee and TFG are buds, so so much for rejecting “the faded names of the past”.

Haley may not be the same loudmouth that TFG is, but she’s still from the same mold. Here she is happily hanging out with white supremacists:

Nikki Haley isn’t someone who is going to save the Republican Party from itself. She’s a self-serving weasel who is only concerned with gaining power (and let’s be clear about this:  she’s running for vice president, not president). More importantly, she’s not merely aping TFG’s talking points—she has a history of being cool with all kinds of bigotry and hate. She’s just another symptom of the GOP’s disease, not its savior.

I’ll end my unusually pithy week with this: