Friday Guest Catblogging: Dennie, R.I.P.

This is not Dennie the Den of Muses cat’s first appearance on First Draft. She’s made so many appearances here over the years that I had to create a category just for her: Dennie. 

This is, however, Dennie’s last waltz on First Draft. She died earlier this week. Here’s what I Tweeted out to the world when I heard the news:

There was a whole lotta love for Dennie on NOLA Twitter including replies from KdV members past and present. Everybody loved Dennie.

Here’s a 2023 picture of Dennie taken by my friend Christy Hackenberg:

Condolences to Dennie’s human Ray Kern who co-owns the Den of Muses and is one of the founders of Krewe du Vieux.

All Hail, Dennie.

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