Irked In April

Photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson. Meme by Adrastos.

T.S. Eliot called April the cruelest month. I’m not sure about that but it can be irksome.

The featured image is of pre-post war boom Paris. I’m still irked by the occupation. I told you I was a grudge-holder.

It’s time for vexatious venting about irksome things.

I’m irked that April has brought protests, not showers to Paris. President Macron pulled a high-handed stunt to pass wildly unpopular legislation raising the retirement age. It’s an authoritarian move that has helped wingnut leader Marine Le Pen. Never a good thing. It’s also ruined April in Paris:

I’m irked that the term Merchants of Death is no longer fashionable. It’s down to the NRA, Republican politics, and slick marketing of the AR-15.

Where have you gone Bernard Shaw? The playwright, not the late CNN anchor. Shaw’s Major Barbara was about the conflict between a do-gooder daughter and her munitions manufacturer father.

Every politician who refuses to support sensible gun reforms should be called a Merchant of Death but not a MOD. That has a positive connotation thanks to these guys who used to be called The High Numbers:

I’m irked that the jerks who run Florida are messing with the teaching of history, especially Black history. They’re turning the clock back to the segregated Fifties in the classroom. The Ivy League educated governor of Florida doesn’t want his citizens to get as good an education as he had at Yale and Harvard Law School.

I am, however, glad that the Mouse messed with DeSantis and made him look Goofy. I’ve never agreed with Roger Rabbit who thought Goofy was a genius but what can you expect from a cartoon rabbit? Uh oh, now I’m in trouble with Bugs Bunny.

A reminder that Black history is American history.

I’m irked that so many horse race pundits think that indictment is good for Trump. That sort of short-term thinking is a pox on the body politic. An indictment is never a good thing, especially one involving porn star payoffs. Sheesh.

I’m irked that there was a brief flurry of criticism of President Biden for declining an invitation to King Charles’ coronation. An American president has NEVER attended a British coronation; not even Eisenhower who lived in the UK for much of World War II.

The attacks were led by the British right who have become as dumbed down as their American counterparts. That’s down to Boris Johnson. Weird hair has a weird affect on people. The best example is the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian who is currently posing as the King of Pain:

I’m irked at the New Orleans media for continuing to treat the leaders of the failed recall as serious people. The tagline of my recall wrap up post said it all: The failed Cantrell recall campaign was a shitshow run by clowns.

Hit it, Dwight.

Finally, I’m irked by the Genesis fans who are still butthurt that Peter Gabriel left the band. It came up again because of my Genesis Dozen.

It was nearly fifty years ago, folks. Get a grip, get over it and move on. And I thought I was a grudge-holder. Oy just oy.

The last word goes to Peter Gabriel: