Time Is On My Side

It’s the first day of Jazz Fest hence the Irma Thomas featured image and signature song. Yes, it is.

Time Is On My Side was written in 1963 by Jerry Ragovoy under the pseudonym Norman Meade. The next year additional lyrics were added by Jimmy Norman. That’s the version that was first recorded by the Soul Queen of New Orleans. Yes, it is.

We begin with Irma Thomas.

The Rolling Stones also had a hit with the song in 1964. Yes, they did.

Time Is On My Side was funkified by Wilson Pickett in 1966. Yes, it was.

George Jones countrified the song in 1997. Yes, he did.

Finally, a 21st Century version from British soul singer Beverly Knight with Ron Wood on guitar.

What’s the Friday Cocktail Hour without instrumental versions of the week’s tune? This time, George Martin in 1966 followed by Los Straitjackets in 2020.

That’s it for this week. Let’s toast Irma Thomas who is 82 and still going strong. It’s what Mac, Irma, Allen, and Aaron would want. Never argue with them.