May Day Meanderings

Image from the 2019 film, Midsommar.

After a long day at Jazz Fest I don’t feel like dancing around the maypole, which I’ve never done in any event. I don’t even feel like attending a May Day rally. Too much standing after too much walking. As the old saying goes:

It was a gorgeous and surprisingly temperate Sunday in New Orleans. We usually make our Jazz Fest plans well in advance but went all spontaneous and shit because of the weather and Los Lobos closing out the day on the Fais Do-Do Stage. I was dog tired, but their set revived me. I’m paying for it this morning, hence this brief post.

Los Lobos were brilliant as usual. Lead guitar player David Hidalgo had health problems a few years back. It was great to see him looking so good and playing so brilliantly.

The Wolves played their “festival set” closing with this medley:

I spent much of my time at the Fairgrounds running into people I know and chatting up strangers. I come from a long line of merchants and restaurant owners who never met a stranger. I try to be like that when I’m in extrovert mode. I was yesterday. Today, I’m introverted and gimpy after running my mouth and taking 14,655 steps yesterday. It pains me even to type that. Oh well, what the hell.

I only have one substantive thing on my mind this morning. Jazz Fest went cashless. The experiment was a disaster on Friday but worked better Sunday. I used my normal strategy of avoiding long food lines BUT they were much longer than in the past. It’s not the most consumer or vendor friendly system but Jazz fest producers have never been known for treating attendees like guests or customers. I guess they were keeping up with the Joneses as other festivals have gone cashless:

In the immortal words of Survivor producer/presenter Jeff Probst, that’s all I got for you.

Let’s circle back to the featured image as we close. The last word goes to XTC:

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  1. always glad to see someone else who recognizes the greatness of Los Lobos. I had a perfect time Sunday.

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