Kevin McCarthy And The Luck Of The Irish

The debt limit deal between President Biden and Kevin McCarthy continues to be, in the words of Biden himself, “a big fucking deal”. Our fearless leader wrote about it yesterday, and I am in general agreement with him about it, and I have a few additional thoughts.

First, I believed Biden when he said he wasn’t going to negotiate with the hostage takers and I was disappointed when it was clear he was taking the negotiations very seriously. I am really sick of the Republicans continuing to look reasonable when the extremist wing of the party is currently ascendant.

I also understand that that is ego talking and that Biden has mastered taking his ego out of the outward machinations to get the outcome he wants. But still, you know? These people are the worst and they should not ever get the benefit of the doubt, let alone loads of praise.

But then again, Biden seems honestly committed to bipartisan action wherever possible. And while that might not make the left wing of his party happy, it makes the American public happy. I honestly cannot see how anyone could want the fascists running the GOP to have a say in any policy matters, but most Americans buy the “BOTH SIDES” crap that the media pushes and lack the critical thinking skills to refute it.

Now I’m waiting to see if McCarthy shifts his energy away from appeasing the Freedom Caucus and to working more with the Democrats to pass bipartisan legislation. Given that TFG told him to default and wreck the economy and he didn’t, it may shift his emphasis as he approaches new legislation. Once the debt deal is signed he’s pretty much done as a party leader even as he continues on as Speaker. The Freedom Caucus weirdos have no interest in working–they just want to be on TV all the time—and no one else in the GOP caucus wants to have to deal with them.

It’s twice now that Biden has caught the GOP in a trap that reduces the damage they can do to the nation. Will there be a third? I’ll keep my popcorn at the ready.

I’ll offer this classic as a tribute to Dark Brandon: