Irked In June

I’m having a bad day, which makes it perfect for an irksome things post. I don’t enjoy being as angry as I was this morning even though my indignation was righteous. The details will NOT be forthcoming. Suffice it to say it involved a rogue yard man but not our regular guy.

Perhaps some vexatious venting about irksome things will make me feel better.

Let’s get irked.

I’m irked by the people who aren’t wearing a mask outside as wildfire smoke envelops NYC. I thought we all still had  masks. How long until the Kaiser of Chaos blames Justin Trudeau for the Canadian wildfire?

I’m irked that we’re still on indictment watch. I stuck my neck out on social media and predicted it would be today. As the old Beatles song goes:

I’m not so irked that I won’t come back later today if the indictment shoe drops. I still expect federal charges to be filed against the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian sometime soon.

I’m irked by the neutral even favorable coverage of Pat Robertson’s death. He was a pox on the body politic who said some crazy shit in the last few decades of his life. Oddly enough, his death gave me an earworm. I’m weird that way.

I’m irked that Punchbowl News published a puff piece about Steve Scalise. Looks like he may have finally stuck the knife in KMac. It took longer than expected but it was inevitable. Scalise is a treacherous SOB pretending to be Mr. Nice Guy.

I’m irked that the MSM insists on calling the extremist House GOP rebels conservatives. Repeat after me: Don’t call them conservatives. I realize I’m a broken record on this subject; thanks to the vinyl comeback, the kids know what I’m talking about.

I’m irked that the fakakta LIV-PGA merger obliges me to think about golf for even a nano-second. The PGA guy has gone from 9/11 critic to Saudi apologist at lightning speed. Someone should shove a golf club up his ass, then move on to Mr. Bone Saw DBA Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

I’m so irked that I need a silly song to talk me down:

I’m irked that New Orleans Mayor Teedy is defending NOPD’s failure to test former Congressman/Biden aide Cedric Richmond after a one car accident. I wonder if either knows this Elvis Costello tune:

Finally, I’m irked that the MSNBC chyron about the Pence town hall said: Pence blasts Trump. It was a very mild blast compared to Chris Christie who lit Trump’s ass ablaze.

I’m cautiously optimistic that there will be indictments in the purloined papers case sooner rather than later. The smoke is apt to clear along the Eastern Seaboard before Team Trump stops blowing smoke. It’s time to stop living La Vie En Fumer. The last word goes to The Tubes: