Trump Indicted: I Told You So

Image by Michael F.

Alvin Bragg has company: The Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian has been indicted on 7 counts in the purloined papers case. I was right about the day but wrong about the timing. Oh well, what the hell.

It may not be gracious but I’ve taken a lot of shit from people who said this would never happen because the AG would flinch, so it’s time to trot out this image:

The amateur lawyers and professional Garland haters have moved on to the venue issue. I too would have preferred DC BUT Florida is the safer choice: The Puppetmaster concurs. Cases can be thrown out if they’re filed in the wrong venue. Most of the alleged crimes took place in Florida. So, Florida it is.

The feds have a strong case and can win in any venue. A reminder that Trump won Florida 51-48. It’s not as if the case were filed in Alabama, Wyoming, or West Virginia. Sorry, Cassandra.

I’ll be back with more tomorrow morning or early afternoon after palate cleansing posts from myself and Jamie O. Claire Trevor insisted that catblooging go foward as usual. Who am I to argue with a Kitty Femme Fatale?

The last word goes to Cleo Laine and a band of jazz all-stars: