Adam Schiff’s Censure Is A Badge Of Honor

The 118th Congress will be remembered for the lunacy and malakatude on the House side. The Republican caucus is like a can of mixed nuts that’s so oversalted as to be inedible. KMac is less a speaker than a ringmaster trying vainly to keep his members in line. He should try using a whip but even that won’t work. Unruliness is a part of MAGA ideology such as it is.

Internal debates are what seem to matter to House Republicans. Marge Greene either called Lauren Boebert a bitch or a little bitch. The media expended much useless energy trying to figure that out. It’s just one of many Rhett Butler moments last week:

The House did pass something noteworthy: They censured one of the most diligent members, Adam Schiff, for doing his job. He’s the man who added Impeached to the Insult Comedian’s nickname. Despite the extra typing involved, I salute his service as the lead manager in the first impeachment trial.

Schiff, of course, responded with composure and dignity to the vote. He called it a badge of honor. In this political climate, one can judge a politician by their enemies: Adam Schiff has all the right ones. In this instance, he might want to send them a thank you note. This vote is likely to be an asset in the 2024 California senate race.

House Democrats responded to the vote tally with chants of shame and applause for Schiff:

All Republicans proved with this exercise is that the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian is still in the saddle riding KMac. It’s a fitting fate for a horse’s ass like KMac.

I’ve never seen the movie Badge Of Honor. There are others of the same title but this poster was the cheesiest as well as the only one depicting an actor who played Tarzan. That actor was Buster Crabbe. His last name is perfect for this post: the Schiff censure made me crabby.

The last word goes to Bryan Ferry:

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