The First Draft America Is Trilogy

Green and Orange Flag by Jasper Johns.

We began the day with something old, we continue with something new and borrowed. I’m not sure if we’ll do blue, but this is a political and cultural blog, not a web site for wedding planners the last I checked.

Two weeks ago, the New York Times published its America Is series in which they posed this question: ‘What one piece of culture captures the true spirit of our country? We asked 17 columnists to find out.”

I loved the idea, so I brought it to First Draft. Cassandra and Jamie O loved it too and wrote two brilliant essays. Thanks, y’all.

I wanted to give our America Is posts some more time in the spotlight. Hence this Independence Day post.

On June 20, I was the first to post: America Is: One Time, One Night.

Cassandra followed on June 22 with America Is: Where The Mythic Touches Reality.

Jamie O concluded our America Is trilogy on June 24 with America Is: Not Quite Seeing The Threats.

I hope everyone enjoys reading these essays as much as we enjoyed writing them.

The last word goes to Paul Simon:

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