Irked In July

The heat is rising again. It’s making me cranky; much like the creature in the Max Ernst featured image. You know what that means: It’s time for more vexatious venting about irksome things.

Let’s get irked.

I’m irked that GOPers claim that the FBI and military are dens of liberal iniquity. Really? They skew center-right, which is too damn moderate for the damn fool Republicans. It’s all about the Kaiser of Chaos. They’re willing to destroy the FBI to save Trump’s worthless ass.

Is there anyone who still thinks the GOP is NOT a cult? If so, you’re as dumb as they are. All they know is:

I’m irked that some think it’s a good idea to admit Ukraine to NATO immediately. That would amount to a declaration of war with Russia under NATO’s mutual defense agreement. I’m staunchly pro-Ukraine but I’d rather be their support system than an active combatant. I suspect that Zelensky’s complaints are for domestic political reasons, so I’ll give him a pass.

I am NOT, however, irked that Sweden and Finland are abandoning their traditional neutrality. Putin united the West in outrage over his aggression. B is for backfire. D is for Drums Of War:

I’m irked that the MSM is buying Marge Greene’s so-called pivot to the center. It’s power she’s after. She bought a piece of KMac’s hide in January and now she’s cashing in. That’s moderation? The whole thing is:

I’m irked by the debate over the debut of Threads. I don’t care who owns a social media site as long as it suits my purposes. Yes, Musk and Zuck are assholes. But Twitter founder Jack Dorsey endorsed Bobby Junior for president and the same people who hate Twitter now loved it when Jack was in charge. I cannot, and do not care to, thread that needle.

I’m irked that the Orleans Parish Sheriff is under court order to build a pricey new wing of the Parish prison. It’s supposed to be for mentally ill inmates, but it’s built like an old school Panopticon prison, which looks like this:

That reminds me of the prisons seen in old movies such as Brute Force and Inside The Walls Of Folsom Prison. Why does anyone think a noir jail would be good for mentally ill inmates? That set up would drive a sane person mad and a mad person to extremes. Holy shitty idea, Batman.

Panopticon prisons are out of fashion. They lead to riots and the use of:

Finally, I’m irked that New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell is picking fights with everyone in town. Teedy is at war with the City Council and the local media. She thinks transparency is for suckers. She doesn’t act like someone who got into politics via grassroots community activity. I dealt with her several times when we were both the presidents of our respective neighborhood associations. She wasn’t an arrogant asshole back then. So it goes.

Since the Mayor likes the nickname, I keep hoping that she’ll call the local press corps “the enemy of the Teedy.” But she always disappoints, which is irksome indeed.

The last word goes to Joe Jones with a song that describes Mayor Teedy to a tee: