No Labels = All Lies

A few weeks ago I wrote about how No Labels is a stalking horse for the Republican Party. On Tuesday night the organization let the cat out of the bag when it gave the Washington Examiner an exclusive about their plans for the 2024 election. Essentially No Labels provided the Examiner with a memo full of lies and now the Examiner is disseminating it.

The first thing to get out of the way is that No Labels immediately gives away the game with this:t

The numbers show that in a hypothetical rematch between Biden and Trump, the president would win reelection by 3 percentage points, according to polling by Prime Group obtained by the Washington Examiner. However, when a “moderate, independent, third-party candidate” is introduced to the mix, the results favor Trump by roughly 2 points.

And so what else is there to say? Without the No Labels candidate, Biden wins. With the spoiler candidate in the race, Biden loses.

No Labels tries to walk that back in its memo:

“When you start off at 21% so far out from the election before any kind of campaign has been launched to inform voters about the vision and issue positions a moderate independent ticket would have, the only thing that you can expect is growth,” Dritan Nesho, chief pollster for No Labels, told the Washington Examiner. “Growth in awareness, growth in favorability, growth in recognition.”

So No Labels believes it is actually starting at 21% of the electorate, and that its candidate has a chance to win it all. How? With fake polling, of course:

However, No Labels pointed to the group’s polling that shows Biden losing to Trump in head-to-head matchups in a number of battleground states that were crucial to his victory in 2020, including Arizona and Georgia. When a third-party candidate is introduced in either of those states, support for both Biden and Trump diminishes — disproving the theory of a “spoiler candidate,” they said.

And guess what? The polling that the Examiner story links to has no meaningful demographic information attached to it. Will the media note any of that? Nope.

Instead of focusing on the straight-up lies No Labels is telling and asking how the organization can be trusted with our democracy, the media is obsessed with the idea of Joe Manchin as the No Labels nominee. And the fact that this morning he told CNN his trip to the No Labels convention isn’t connected to any plans to run as a third party candidate doesn’t seem to matter to the hype machine.

I knew the No Labels rollout was going to be irritating. I didn’t realize how much blatant lying it was going to entail. Just say no to No Labels.

Ringo’s got your reminder to say “no”: