A Guy Named Gal

Gal Luft and James Comer.

I originally planned to call this post Whistleblown, but that’s not a word. I don’t want to give my spell checker a nervous breakdown, so I decided to play the name game instead.

The guy named Gal is the so-called whistleblower House GOPers hoped to spring on the world this week. They claimed he had valuable, even viable, information on the so-called Biden Crime Family, which they claim is a BFD. The BCF only exists in the minds of Gym Jordan, James Comer, and other dizzy denizens of the far right.

Gal Luft is an egregious grifter even by the standards of the Trumpified Republican party. He’s a dual American Israeli citizen who has the gall to go by Gal. Make that chutzpah.

Luft may even qualify as a goniff. Right now, he’s on the lam, which makes him a gone goniff. That, in turn, reminds me of this little ditty:

Here’s how TPM’s Josh Kovensky kicked off his Gal Luft piece:

“We now know more about why a key witness in the House GOP’s sordid tale of an investigation has supposedly gone “missing.” He was on the lam after having been indicted way back in November — even before Republicans won the House majority — for allegedly acting as an unregistered Chinese agent and arms trafficker to the Middle East and Africa.

The man is Gal Luft, a dual U.S.-Israeli citizen and D.C. energy policy think-tanker who made a stunning claim in February: that his arrest in Cyprus on a U.S. extradition warrant was not, in fact, what it seemed.

Rather, Luft claimed, he was the victim of an international conspiracy that reached to the highest levels of American power, a whistleblower being persecuted at the direction of the vindictive Biden family.”

Kovensky goes on to detail Gal’s grift, which involves foreign agenting for the Chinese and other sleazy stuff that’s IOKIYAR. Chaircreep Comer is trying to turn the tale of the blown whistleblower into another nefarious plot by the Biden Crime Family, but it’s only gaining traction with the usual media suspects.

What does this tell us about House Republican investigators like James Comer? Nothing we didn’t already know. They’re willing to make up any lie, blacken any name as long as it furthers their political purposes. They’re out to make President Biden look as bad as the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian. That’s a hard lift; make that Luft.

Will House GOPers learn anything from this latest fiasco? Hell, no. James Comer’s picture is in the dictionary next to the word shameless. He’ll carry on as though nothing went awry. It was not a gala day for Comer.

The last word goes to Johnny Cash followed by Shel Silverstein:



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