The Trump Platform: 1, 2 & 3

There are certain things in the new world we are living in that no longer really apply, if they ever did. One is thinking that weather forecasters are always wrong or overhype things. Not a good worldview when we have so much extreme heat and devastating storms.

Another is any sort of silliness around the 2024 presidential election if Trump is the nominee. No “both sides are just as bad,” or “I think I’ll read more about what they believe,” or “maybe he’ll be okay as president” kind of thinking. We already know what he is, and he is really making sure everyone never forgets.

Trump is basically running on three things. First is getting his pasty white ass out of jail (I say pasty white and not orange ass because I am assuming the spray tanner doesn’t have to deal with that particular part, or at least I hope not for the spray tanner’s sake).

As always, the answer to anyone asking “where do you get this stuff?” is from the mouth of the Orange Nightmare himself. Trump is certainly not shy about talking about how the Deep State is coming for him. And also coming for you, Trump supporter, they are going to jail you, even if you are a mechanic, IT person, blog writer, or a mere corporate CEO. This is what Trump is saying on the Circus of Shit known as the Trump campaign trail.

Personally, I am not too worried about Jack Smith showing up at my door with his beard and glare because I have never tried to rig an election or steal classified documents. But your mileage may vary.

The other is revenge. Trump, of course, is not shy about talking about that either. “This is the final battle” Trump said back in March at a rally. “Either they win or we win.”

By “we” he means “I” and as anyone reading this likely knows he cares about his voters as much as he cares about the kitchen staff at Mar-a-Lago. In his sordid life history, Trump has been referred to by catchy descriptions such as “worst son of a bitch on the planet.” This is not a guy who cares about anyone other than the grotesquity staring back at him in the mirror, he is clear about that. Not to mention “this is the final battle” is not exactly something you want to say to a crowd of people who probably average 11.3 guns per household and drive vehicles with violent bumper stickers.

The final thing that Trump is running for is to turn the office of the presidency into an authoritarian seat. He is also very direct about that particular pillar of his presidential campaign. Even former White House aides of Trump are saying this, trying to warn the American public of his intentions.

I guess you could write this off as shenanigans by his primary opponents. But we knew Trump was trying to do that in his first term. Authoritarians learn and adjust, even someone as dopey as Trump, so the plan for a second term is to cleanse the government of any official who might act as a  guardrail and fill those seats with Trump loyalists. There would be no John Kelly around to talk him out of it.

Finally, I want to add, Americans are gun shy about talking politics as a reflection of the voter as a person. But in this case, unfortunately, we very well may have a major party nominee that is a criminal trying to beat the rap, and someone who wants to destroy the bedrock of what makes America, America – democracy. This would lead to a lot of suffering for vulnerable sections of our population, and most likely lead to complete chaos and social unrest.

You may not agree with everything Biden has done – I for one do not – but you have to see that he has made a lot of progress on multiple fronts and brought us back from the brink during these post-COVID months. Choosing Trump over Biden is choosing lawlessness over a steady hand, hate and spite over compassion and true unity. It is about what kind of people we have in our nation, and the current proportions of each.

The last word goes to Black Sheep.