Every Picture Tells A Story

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it dozens of times: I’m sick of writing about the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian. Unfortunately, the Trump Gang trials are right up my alley, so I have no choice but to cover them. I am not, however, getting lost in the weedy details of the cases, especially the elaborate RICO case in Atlanta.

David Kurtz at TPM has an excellent take on how to avoid getting in the weeds with the Trump Gang trials:

“It’s somewhat of an irony that the due process afforded to a criminal defendant is itself designed to protect the rule of law, but they’re not a great proxy for the rule of law violations of which Trump is accused.

Take, for example, the protective orders in the Mar-a-Lago case, or the CIPA procedures in both federal cases against Trump, or the question of removal of the Georgia case to federal court. Each are significant in their own limited way, but a Trump win or loss on any of these preliminary matters doesn’t necessarily represent a win or loss for the rule of law. None of them stand on par with what Trump is accused of or the threat he poses to the rule of law.

The vindication of the rule of law takes time and isn’t always pretty. So take a deep breath. Keep your eye on the big picture. Don’t live and die on each procedural ruling. Don’t overinvest in the small stuff.”

As the Kaiser of Chaos violates the first rule of litigation NEVER PISS OFF JUDGE, I encourage everyone to remember the third rule of litigation, THE LAW IS SLOW.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures. Former President* Pennywise obviously thinks his mug shot makes him look like a bad ass. Instead, he’s a dipshit demon who’s being mugged by reality.

As to Mark Meadows, he resembles a soon-to-be defrocked Baptist preacher who embezzled the bake sale proceeds. It’s the face of someone who will flip like a flapjack when it’s nut cutting time.

Remember: Every picture tells a story.

How old am I? Old enough to remember when Rod Stewart was a critic’s darling. The artist formerly known as Rod the Mod gets the last word:

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