I Wish It Would Rain

The Friday Cocktail Hour has its roots in my lockdown era feature Songs For The Pandemic. This is in the nature of a sub-category: Songs For The Drought. We had some rain this week in New Orleans but not enough. The drought continues. We live in a semi-tropical climate. We should not have droughts.

I Wish It Would Rain was written in 1967 by Norman Whitfield, Barrett Strong, and Roger Penzabene. It was a big hit for our first artist.

We begin with the OG version. The Temptations with lead vocals by David Ruffin.

Live and direct: Ike and Tina Turner.

Next up, New Orleans’ own Johnny Adams:

Faces had a hit in the UK with this live version of the Temps classic.

Aretha does Motown:

Finally, Bruce Springsteen from his 2022 soul covers album.

What would the Friday Cocktail Hour be without an instrumental version of the week’s tune? This time, Willie Mitchell.

That’s it for this week. Does anybody know a good rainmaking toast? Let’s do a rain dance instead. It’s what Norman Whitfield and Barret Strong would want. Never argue with them.