The Tarrio Taradiddle

Roger Stone and Enrique Tarrio gesticulate for the cameras.

Proud Boy caudillo Enrique Tarrio cried crocodile tears before being sentenced to 22 years for seditious conspiracy:

“Moments after his mother begged Judge Kelly for leniency, Mr. Tarrio, dressed in an orange prison outfit, apologized for his role in the events of Jan. 6 and said his trial, which lasted more than three months, had “humbled” him.

In what seemed like the testimony he never gave at the trial, he told Judge Kelly that after the election he could simply not believe that Mr. Trump had lost and that every media outlet he turned to told him that his anger was justified. After two pro-Trump rallies in Washington before Jan. 6, he went on, he saw “the temperature rising” among his followers and claimed that he reached out to officials in the F.B.I., the Secret Service and the local Washington police.

As for Jan. 6 itself, it was a “national embarrassment,” Mr. Tarrio said, adding, “I am not a political zealot.”

That is a lie. Only a political zealot would say he wasn’t one. As to the national embarrassment claim: Tarrio is embarrassed that the Dipshit Insurrection failed. Two of his co-defendants gave up the game after their sentencing:

“Some of the other Proud Boys sentenced so far were similarly contrite in their remarks to Judge Kelly — only to reverse themselves outside the judge’s presence. Last week, not long after telling the judge that he was “a changed and humbled man,” Mr. Pezzola raised his fist as he was being led from the courtroom and shouted with a smile, “Trump won!”

Days after weeping at his own sentencing, Mr. Biggs called into a vigil being held outside the municipal jail in Washington that houses several Jan. 6 defendants, describing his punishment as “insane” and declaring, “We gotta stand up and fight — don’t give up.”

Who the hell does he think he is, Peter Gabriel?

Presumably, Kate Bush would have nothing to do with Mr. Biggs who thinks he’s Mr. Big Man:

Everything involving the Proud Boys and Enrique Tarrio is a taradiddle. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines taradiddle as: a fib or pretentious nonsense.

The synonyms are an interesting group as well. They include: lie, mendacity, falsehood, and untruth. There’s a grand total of 159 synonyms and antonyms for taradiddle. The synonyms all add up to this: Enrique Tarrio is a lying sack of shit who’s only sorry that he got caught.

I had hoped that the judge would agree with DOJ’s proposed sentence of 33 years BUT 22 years is a long time. Federal prisoners cannot be paroled until they’ve served  85-90% of their sentences. Tarrio will be at least 60 when he can walk among us again. Dollars to donuts, he hooks up with the Aryan Brotherhood for protection because guys like Tarrio are all bluster and bullshit. Like the Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian, he lets others do his fighting for him. His big talk is nothing but a taradiddle.

Perhaps the most important thing about Tarrio’s sentence is that it sets a precedent for Trump’s coup plot trial. Like Elmer Stewart Rhodes, Tarrio was not at the scene of the crime during the Dipshit Insurrection. Rhodes got 18 years to Tarrio’s 22. That sets the bar for a Trump sentence. Judge Chutkan will factor in the sentences of the Elmers and Enriques of the world when Trump is convicted. Notice I say when, not if. The reckoning is nigh.

The Kaiser of Chaos is mounting a political, not legal defense. His hope is to return to the White House and issue stacks of pardons. He’s deluded. He’s likely to face voters in 2024 as a convicted felon. That should accelerate the erosion in his support. MAGA stalwarts will stick with him but they’re a much smaller group than the MSM thinks. They’re deluded too: Trump shrank the GOP while he was diddling the country. That’s the truth, not a taradiddle.

I hope Enrique Tarrio looks good in orange. He’ll be wearing it for the next 20 years. In the end, the Tarrio Taradiddle led to his downfall. One could even say that Tarrio diddled himself after trying to do the same to the country. It’s time for the Proud Boys to stand down and STFU. They can go diddle themselves.

Split Enz day continues at First Draft: the Tarrio Taradiddle is all stuff and nonsense.


2 thoughts on “The Tarrio Taradiddle

  1. It’s curious to me to ponder the overlap between folks who did their own research on Covid and those who got all their news about the allegedly stolen election from the same mendacious source.

    1. As the spouse of someone who did their own research, they didn’t.

      A lot of the early Q and MAGA guides gave their followers very specific phrases to use in their research, and directed them to search engines (like Duck Duck Go) which were prone to gaming of results, so that if you followed instructions, you’d get pages and pages of results that reinforced the message. However, if you changed the order of the keywords, used synonyms, or used a different search engine, you’d get mostly legitimate news sources, and the feeder sites would stand out like a sore, diseased thumb.

      Of course, pointing that out gets you labelled as an MSM shill, tool of the Deep State, or worse, but anyone with at least a smattering of internet search skills would be able to debunk the claims. Which is why MAGA and Q spread among those who would either benefit from the claims, or who would fall for internet scams in general.

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