Too Many Of The DC Media Are Failing Us

Tommy Tuberville, who objectively has an intelligence somewhere between a flukeworm and a rock.

Framing is very important in writing a political news story.

This is especially true in the American moment that we are currently in. We have one political party that is out of control, actively anti-democracy, and more interested in grotesque political theater than solving any of the giant problems facing our nation. We have another political party that while all Americans do not agree with, they are attempting to forge policy to solve these problems and oh yeah, work to defend our democracy from that other party. I won’t insult your intelligence by saying which is which.

Social media is a big part of our news media diet. Often a Tweet is as important as the article or video segment. And way too often, a Tweet by a major media outlet presents a story with some laughably bad framing.

Such was the case this week with CNN’s TwitterX framing of the Tommy Tuberville Tantrum.

The Somehow U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville is holding 300 Biden military nominees hostage over the Pentagon’s abortion policy. He calls it “woke” because of course he does. Woke can mean anything that the Republicans hate, from not being racist to being okay with someone being homosexual.

Tuberville recently dropped this little oddity in his War Against the Woke Military:

I guess woke means in this case writing poetry on a ship. Wait until he hears about Noted Historical Wokester Francis Scott Key and the poem he wrote on a ship.

So, the skinny of all this is, no, CNN, the ol’ ball coach is not having a “feud” with Democrats, which implies at least some culpability on the Democrats. He is a mean-spirited, delusional dipshit who is endangering our nation’s defense by being a modern Republican playing modern Republican culture war games. Good grief, I know that CNN is trying to be “fair and balanced” and not appear biased, but sometimes reality is biased. Especially when the reality is a single whacked-out bigot is endangering national security via a political stunt.

But what can you expect from a political party that has, in the past, insisted that the U.S. military is too woke and needs to be tough like the Russian military, an opinion that has aged like three-month-old bread.

The last word goes to Neil Young.


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