Quote Of The Day: Bacon Edition

Last week, I mocked a silly dump the Veep piece in New York Magazine by Eric Levitz. I advanced mostly historical reasons as to why that would not and should not happen.

This morning, the WaPo’s Perry Bacon Jr. wrote an even better defense of Kamala Harris as heir apparent. His reasoning was practical. I always applaud practical reasoning in politics, especially when there’s so little of it around right now.

Here’s what Bacon thinks we should tell people we know about the 2024 Democratic ticket:

“President Biden is flying around the world, giving long speeches and making tons of complicated decisions. He’s very up to the job right now. I hope and expect he will be able to serve his full four-year second term if reelected. That said, he’s 80 — so no one can promise he will be in great health in 2028. But Vice President Harris of course could step in if needed. She has plenty of experience — and the presidency isn’t a single person anyway. All of the people helping Biden would be by her side, too. And a President Harris would be much better than a President Trump.”

Mmm, Bacon.

I confess to putting Bacon in the title because everyone except for vegans loves it. And they try to recreate it with often inedible results.

Repeat after me: Mmm, Bacon.

The last word goes to a veritable plethora of artists performing Bacon Fat by Devora Brown and Andre Williams:


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