That’s How Strong My Love Is

We take requests. Regular reader Walt asked if I’d ever used That’s How Strong My Love Is for the Friday Cocktail Hour. I have now. Thanks, man.

We’re back in Memphis with this week’s song. That’s How Strong My Love Is was written in 1964 by Roosevelt Jamison. It’s as soulful and passionate a love song as has ever been written. That’s how strong a song it is.

We begin with the first recording of the song by OV Wright. The picture shows the wrong record, which is weird as it’s posted by the record company.

The best known version of this week’s tune is by Otis Redding. It makes the hair on my neck stand up and beg to be shaved. Is that good? Damn good.

Steve Marriott of Humble Pie was a small man with a big voice, that’s how strong it was.

Bryan Ferry took a whack at That’s How Strong My Love Is in 1978:

Alicia Keys makes her FCH debut this week:

The Rolling Stones first recorded That’s How Strong My Love Is in 1965. This live version comes from 2004.

Paul Rodgers. Say no more.

There aren’t many instrumental versions of the Jamison classic, so we’re skipping them. Oh well, what the hell.

That’s it for this week. Let’s drink to Memphis soul and the people who made it so great. It’s what their New Orleans counterparts Mac, Irma, Allen, and Aaron would want. Never argue with them.

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