Quote Of The Day: Trump Is A Loser Edition

The Indicted Impeached Insult Comedian put on quite a show in a Manhattan courtroom yesterday. He preened, posed, and pouted. Some of his allies have taken offense at the sketch artist’s treatment of Trump. They claim he’s much better looking. I am not making this up.

In the sketch I selected for the featured image, Trump’s hair looks less outlandish than usual, so an argument can be made that it’s flattering. Take that, yes men.

I rarely choose such a long quote for this feature BUT David Kurtz’s opening of today’s TPM Morning Memo is a classic. He gets Trump in a way that few media types do.

On with the show, this is it:

Trump Trial Testimony: What Losing Looks Like.

“Look, Donald Trump wouldn’t resort to the name-calling, the prickly attacks on judges and prosecutors, the self-defeating effort to appeal to his base even when it hurts him in court if – and I can’t emphasize this enough – he weren’t losing.

It’s a losing man’s bet to gamble that instead of winning in court you’re going to win at the polls on Election Day and make this all go away.

It’s a loser’s play to chide, ridicule, and threaten the judge who is hearing the big fraud case against you.

It’s a desperate man’s Hail Mary to ignore the overwhelming evidence against you and play to the cameras and friendly audiences.

You step back and look at the Trump arc since 2017 and I’m only being partly glib when I offer this summation of the Trump message to the base: “I’m a loser just like you.”

The losses keep piling up: election defeats in midterms and in 2020, multiple indictments, his foundation dissolved, and his business empire facing massive fraud findings. Other than a couple of Senate impeachment acquittals, it’s a loser’s string of defeats.

It all played out in open court yesterday in the civil fraud trial in New York. And yet … the media fascination with Trump’s bombast, with the pissing matches he sets up and then participates in, and with his transgressive behavior sidesteps what a loser he is. It’s similar to the hackneyed tendency to ascribe to Trump 3D chess skills and brilliant maneuvering that mere mortals simply can’t fathom.

I often wonder what it will take. Trump in a prison uniform and fulminating behind bars? I somehow doubt even that will break the spell.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself. The artist formerly known as TPM Reader DK nailed it.

The last word goes to Robbie Robertson: