Reading Around

From Holden:

Here’s a few odds and ends for you to contemplate with your morning coffee.

No Charley Bounce for Bush

The latest USA Today/Gallup poll out of Florida shows a 2 point drop for Bush among likely voters since hurricane Charley struck. I told him to make a bullhorn-enhanced speech from atop a pile of rubble, but does he listen?

More Celebs Speak Out Against the Bushboy

That shadowy group is set to release a slew of new anti-Bush ads:

Actress Rebecca Romijn-Stamos gets behind the wheel of a car and stars in an ad, co-authored by Norman Mailer’s son, called “Stranded Republicans.” Woody Harrelson writes, directs and stars in “Cheney Is Not on Our Side.” Martin Sheen, the “West Wing” president, voices a spot written by John Sayles.

The list goes on. Margaret Cho stars in an ad she wrote, while Matt Damon voices a spot called “The Disappeared.” Actor-turned-activist Rob Reiner directs and voices “The Mistake,” while Illeana Douglas and Ione Skye appear in an ad written by [Al] Franken. Scarlett Johanssen, Ed Asner and [Kevin] Bacon provide the voices for an animated spot called “Who Profits?”

A Whole Lotta Nothing

Here’s an exchange from yesterday’s brief back and forth with the press corps:

Q Sir, on the price of oil, it’s at or near record levels. Other than pushing for your energy proposals, which we know about, what else are you doing to try to mitigate the price of oil?

THE PRESIDENT: That’s the best thing, is to come up with a comprehensive energy strategy that encourages conservation, encourages environmentally sensitive exploration for natural resources in our own hemisphere. It talks about, of course, dealing with new forms of energy. And, admittedly, those aren’t going to come on market in time to deal with the current price of oil —