A TKO for the Swifties

From Holden:

Rusty Rubin, 80-year-old former boxing champion and managing editor, of Ringsports.com, comments on the Swift Boat Liars:

Fact is, John Kerry saw first hand and knew then the horrors and atrocities of that jungle war, he lived them day to day, and he saw the stupidity of losing young, patriotic Americans in a war that we weren’t even trying to win.

And this is something all Viet Nam veterans know all too well, many saw and I’m sure all heard of the massacres and the killing of innocent women and children, We all saw pictures of the young Vietnamese girl, burned by napalm, running down a road in fear.

God knows, some Vets may have even taken part in these massacres, which happen in every war, and still have nightmares about it. So how in God’s name can most veterans say that they support a President who didn’t even have the stones to serve in that God forsaken place?

Let’s not forget a Vice President who seems to own [sic] his allegiance more to big oil than to his country, who was too busy to serve. (Ok, I admit disliking Cheney).

I still don’t know which candidate I’m going to vote for, but I do know this is a stupid ad that the SBVFT are running, and it will backfire on them and only serve to hurt the incumbent. Americans aren’t stupid, and this is one American who is quite angry seeing and hearing the lies, that these guys who are supposed to be for truth are telling.