How Do You Like Your Little War Now?

From Holden:

I hate to start the morning with anger and tragedy, but this incident in Florida is illustrative of what George Bush and his enablers on the right and the left have done to more than 950 American families.

Melida Arredondo said she and her husband knew what was coming as three uniformed Marines approached their front door. While she started to cry, police say Carlos Arredondo simply snapped.

Distraught after being told his Marine son was killed in combat in Iraq, Carlos Arredondo climbed into the Marine Corps van parked outside his home and set it ablaze Wednesday afternoon, suffering severe burns.

“My husband immediately knew that his firstborn son had been killed — and my husband did not take the news well,” Melida Arredondo said before police escorted her to the hospital.

“It doesn’t surprise me that he was so traumatized. He went crazy,” she said.

The three Marines went to the house to tell the father and stepmother of Lance Cpl. Alexander Arredondo that their 20-year-old son had died Tuesday in Najaf, family members said.

The father then walked into the garage, picked up a propane tank, a lighting device and a can of gasoline he used to douse the van, police Capt. Tony Rode said. He smashed the van’s window, got inside and set it ablaze, despite attempts by the Marines to stop him, Rode said.


Melida Arredondo told the Miami Herald that her husband, an immigrant from Costa Rica, “was very proud of Alex serving,” though he wished his service would have been during a “more peaceful” time.

But Luz Marina Arredondo, Alexander’s grandmother, felt the government was at fault for her grandson’s death.

“I blame them a lot,” she said. “They send them like guinea pigs over there.”

Mr. Arredondo suffered severe burns over 50% of his body. The Marines are waiting to see if he recovers before filing charges.