Voting While Black

From Holden:

After successfully disenfranchising 4 to 6 million voters in 2000 the GOP is at it again. Hopefully, we’re prepared this time. At least the NAACP and People for the American Way are on it. Here’s a partial list of the Republican voter supression efforts to which both groups are calling attention:

[T]he U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has asked the Justice Department to investigate allegations that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement intimidated black voters in Orlando to scare them away from the polls in November.


A Republican state representative in Michigan told the Detroit Free Press that the GOP will have “a tough time” if “we do not suppress the Detroit vote.” Detroit is 83 percent black.

In Jefferson County, Ky., the local GOP plans to send poll watchers to Democratic, predominantly black precincts to challenge voters’ eligibility. A similar, 2002 plan provoked cries of voter intimidation after a recruitment filer became public. The flier asked for volunteers to protect Ernie Fletcher’s gubernatorial campaign against potential fraud by “the black militant division of the AFL-CIO” and the NAACP.

In South Dakota, where Native Americans are a key constituency for Democrats, some said they were turned away from the polls during a special election this summer because they did not have photo-identification The secretary of state has blamed the problems on well-intentioned poll workers who did not understand a new law passed by the GOP-controlled legislature.