Kitty Meets The Real World

Kathryn Lopez chewed through the leather straps this morning, got out of bed and discovered people! On the street! Expressing their opinions of her preznit! Heavens to Betsy, Maude, have the housemaid bring the smelling salts.

Around 7, a woman on the downtown side of 34th street, outside of a sport bar stopped in her tracks, looking at the police-state look of the Garden-surrounding streets, the condensed traffic lanes, and said, for anyone who cared to listen, “F*** Bush. You hear what I’m saying?” Yup. Two guys nodded. But this wasn’t even an ANYBODY BUT BUSH moment, necessarily. It was more a native New Yorker, leave us alone already cry to fellow bees-buzzing along in the rat race (mixed animal metaphor clichs!). Don’t get in our way, GOPers with your funny hats.

On the bright side, for once, I’ll feel safe to wear that Bush-Cheney cap…

Thank God for that. It’s hard, isn’t it, feeling so threatened by your status as a Bush-Cheney supporter that you can’t even wear your hat? The sacrifices our country asks of us are tremendous, Kathryn, and it’s good to know you have the couarge to meet them unwaveringly.