Bush: We Can’t Win

Well, this should help with that “steady leadership in times of change” image:

Bush: ‘War on terror cannot be won’

� President George Bush has acknowledged that he does not think the war on terror can be won, but said it would make it less acceptable for groups to use terrorism as a tool.

In a US TV interview, Bush, who has said he expects the war on terror to be a long, drawn-out battle, was asked: “Can we win it?”

The president replied: “I don’t think you can win it. But I think you can create conditions so that the – those who use terror as a tool are – less acceptable in parts of the world.”

I don’t disagree with this, actually. But since when does he talk like this? I thought we were going to smoke them out or hang them high or shoot them down in front of the OK Corral? I thought that’s what the base liked to hear, that we’d put their heads on pikes at the gates of the city, tear down the statue of Liberty and put up a giant monument made entirely of gilded body parts blown up in our heroic struggle?

Did I miss a memo or something?


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