If people want to get an idea of what it’s like to live in my city, check these blogs out.

This is what we do in Chicago. We bitch about the traffic and we bitch about the weather. The weather here is 10 minutes on the news, at least. That’s if there isn’t a “Stormwatch SuperTurboDoppler 2004 OMIGODWE’REALLGONNADIE!!!” going on. We are very serious about our weather.

I had friends in from England once who arrived at my house for dinner perplexed. They had just seen the local news. “There was a whole story about how a window blew out because the wind was so strong,” they marveled. “Aren’t there people being murdered in this city?” Yeah, I told them, about six blocks to the east there, there’s pretty much a drug market, too. Nobody cares. All our news people want to know is did they have footage of the window?