Family Time: “It’s better to be a flip-flopper than a complete flop.”

From Holden:

Tonight I find myself reluctantly agreeing with Beautiful Mind:

Last week her husband, the former president, criticized CBS news anchorman Dan Rather during a stop in Manchester. In Exeter, Barbara added to that list Peter Jennings, Katie Couric, and Judy Woodruff saying they were part of the reason she know longer watches television.

However, you can probably here me *whoop* from where you sit as Chris Heinz reads my mind:

Referring to Iraq and Afghanistan, Heinz said Bush has “started two wars in four years” and said neither is going well. Noting that there are many dictators who the U.S. has not overthrown, Heinz asserted that Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq partly because of the nation’s energy reserves.

“Like it or not,” Heinz said, “young men are dying because of oil.”


The Colby audience was largely supportive of Kerry; many in the crowd had Kerry-Edwards stickers plastered to their shirts.

Still, Heinz faced difficult — and politically astute — questions.

One student, for example, wanted to know why Kerry, relative to other Democrats, is struggling to attract strong support from female voters.

Heinz, citing GOP claims that the Democrat is weak on terrorism, responded by saying Republicans “have scared a lot of women into thinking that voting for John Kerry is like jumping into a barrel of lighter fluid and lighting yourself on fire.”

And when asked about Republican charges that Kerry changes his mind too frequently, Heinz said, “It’s better to be a flip-flopper than a complete flop.”