Military Families Critical of Bush’s Iraq Strategy

From Holden:

According to a recent Annenberg survey:

US military staff and their families believe the United States sent too few troops into Iraq and put too great a burden on inexperienced National Guard and reserve forces, even though they support George W. Bush’s overall handling of Iraq, a poll showed.

The Annenberg National Election Survey results came from polling of 655 adults who either had served on active duty between February and October, or who were family members of those who served; their results were contrasted with 2,436 adults polled nationwide from September 27-October 3.


Sixty-two percent of the military sample said the US administration underestimated the number of troops needed in Iraq (58 percent of actual service members and 66 percent of family members).

The idea too few troops may have been deployed is a key criticism of Bush’s rival for the White House, Democrat John Kerry.

Fifty-nine percent of the military said guard and reserve forces had borne too much of the burden when regular forces should have been increased. While 56 percent of service members said that was the case, 64 percent of their relatives did; 60 percent of the general population agreed.