Ohio’s Republican Governor Opposes State’s Hate Amendment

From Holden:

Governor Robert Taft opposes amending the Ohio constitution for the wrong reason, but opposition is opposition so I’ll take it.

Republican Gov. Bob Taft said he opposes a proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, saying it goes farther than the law he supported earlier this year and could lead to lawsuits because of its ambiguous language.

The amendment says, in part, that government entities cannot create a legal status for unmarried people that “intends to approximate” various elements of marriage. Taft said there will be as many interpretations of that phrase as “there are judges in the state of Ohio.”

He said Wednesday the amendment, which is on the Nov. 2 ballot, could harm senior citizens as well as any two people who share living accommodations. Taft also said the amendment could hurt the state’s economy.

Come on, Bob, institutionalizing hatred is just plain wrong, and it would violate the 14th Amendment to the US constitution. Why search for any other reason to oppose it?