The Outrage Deficit

What Americablog says.

Jesus Christ on a hot pink pogo stick. These are the people who deemed that this was not true love. These are the people who said they should not be allowed to keep their children. These are the people who said wrong, invalid, sinful, unworthy of our nation’s protection.

One of the lasting legacies of this election will be the definition of the parties, once and for all. No more Bush-Lite, no more “Me too, but not quite as mean.” No more. You vote with these people, you run with these people, know that you are forever defining yourself as one of them.

If you stand with these people, who dare defend their daughter when it will make them points but hide her when it will cause their slavering worshippers disquiet, know that we see who you are. You can’t hide behind mealy-mouthed whining of “You forced me to discriminate against you by being who you are” anymore. You can’t say the gays forced you to hate them or the judges forced you to oppose them.

Because in this election, you had a chance to say no, I will not walk in step with those who espouse tolerance while they enshrine hatred in our national Scripture, our Constitution. You had a chance to say no, I will not march with those who march against love.

If you fail to take that chance, if you fail to make that choice, you have no one to blame but yourself when decent people turn from you in disgust.