A call to arms

Jeb Hensarling has been a major recipient of Tom Delay’s largesse with dirty money. In fact, Hensarling took $20,000.00 from Delay. Hensarling is my representative and I’ve written to him 3 times about this. All I’ve gotten back from him are form “thank you for the support” letters.

The Dallas Morning News has endorsed Hensarling. So I wrote to them – twice. So far, the News is ignoring me just like Hensarling is. If any of you out there feel so inclined, I would appreciate it if you would email or write to the Dallas Morning News yourselves and tell them that Hensarling received $20,000.00 of Delay’s dirty money. My feeling is that if enough of us write, the News cannot ignore all of us. If you want to send them an email, you can send it to: letterstoeditor@dallasnews.com. If you want to send a letter, the address is: Letters from Readers, Dallas Morning News, Box 655237, Dallas, Texas 75265. It just seems to me that if the paper is going to endorse Hensarling, then it owes it to the public to make all the facts known.

Needless to say, Hensarling is a Republican. He has ignored every letter and email I’ve sent to him in the last 4 years. I would really appreciate some help here with this.