If You See My Bush Boom, Say Hello

From Holden:

So, you ask, what’s with this never-ending search for your Bush Boom? Isn’t the gaggle obsession bad enough without an additional compulsive search for the elusive Bush Boom?

Well, you see, in August of 2003 Jerry Bowyer announced in the National Review Online that the Bush Boom, which would eclipse the economic surge we enjoyed during the Clinton administration, had begun. Bowyer placed so much confidence in the Bush Boom that he cranked out a quickie book, The Bush Boom: How a Misunderestimated President Fixed a Broken Economy.

I thought, “Gee, a Bush Boom. I want one of my very own. Where can I find my Bush Boom.” And I’ve been serching ever since.

Unfortunately in the 14 months since Bowyer’s Bush Boom proclamation I have not been able to find it. The Bush Boom has not entered my life, no matter how hard I look.

Today I checked the Index of Leading Economic Indicators, but *sigh* I found no Bush Boom there.

The Index of Leading Economic Indicators, a widely watched barometer of future economic activity, edged lower in September for the fourth month in a row, indicating a slowing in economic growth, a private research group reported Thursday.

The Conference Board said that its indicator of upcoming activity in the economy fell 0.1 percent last month, following declines of 0.3 percent in August and 0.3 percent in July.


The index is closely followed because it is designed to forecast the economy’s health over the coming three to six months.

Conference Board economist Ken Goldstein called the September decline a “clear signal that the economy is losing momentum heading into 2005.”

Oh Bush Boom, why do you torture me so?