Fallujah Offensive as October Surprise

From Holden:

It’s pretty obvious that U.S. forces in Iraq are preparing for a major push into Fallujah soon. It’s obvious to the major media, the citizens of Fallujah (espcially the 300,000 who have reportedly fled the city in advance of the attack), and the Brits who have reluctantly shifted their forces to fill in the gaps our attacking Marines will leave behind.

I think we all were assuming that any big offensive would be delayed until after the election so that voters are not reminded of the carnage that Georgie’s incompetence has wrought. But now I’m not so sure.

I get the feeling that the offensive may start this weekend, ’cause Karl Rove thinks the voters will choose to support their War Preznit while our boys and girls are dying in the War on Terra. If so, he’s dead wrong – the preznit’s popularity plummeted last April when U.S. forces first tried to re-take the embattled city. But I don’t think Mr. Rove has learned his lesson.