Cornering the Market on Stupid

From Holden:

While cruising the right side of the blogosphere to see what latent-homosexuals think about the SCOTUS taking a pass on Massachusetts’ same-sex marriage I ran into a post by The Corner’s John Derbyshire. I found it interesting, but not for the reason that the author intended.


…while Truth is lacing up her boots. Thus spake Mark Twain, and he never said a truer thing.

Case in point: The famous chart purporting to show IQ by state, with states that voted Gore in 2000 ehibiting a higher IQ than Bush states. The chart was a hoax, though even The Economist (yes, I know, some people would dispute that “even”) was taken in by it. Steve Sailer, the best Satanaut on the Right, expertly and thoroughly debunked the whole thing.

“The best Satanaut on the Right.” ?!?

Hmmmm. Steve Sailer the Satanaut, eh? I would think that a Satanaut would look something like this:

And, darn it, I could picture Steve Sailer in that get-up.

Fortunately, Derbyshire (who other Cornerites often refer to as “The Derb”, or more accurately “The Turd”) cleared up all the confusion in a subsequent post:

TYPO [John Derbyshire]

I am sorry I called Steve Sailer a “Satanaut.” I meant, of course, “Datanaut” — i.e. one who is expert at navigating his way through great oceans of data.

“Satanaut” would be… what? This is one of those typos that you can’t help thinking OUGHT to be a word. Posted at 12:32 PM

Call it a Freudian typo.