Today on WaPo’s Obsession with the Gaggle

From Holden:

The Post’s Dan Froomkin, citing the Post’s Dana Milbank, on my good gaggle-buddy Les Kinsolving:

“Want to end the briefing by turning the whole thing into a circus? You might choose Russell Mokhiber of the Corporate Crime Reporter (he’ll launch into a tirade about greed), or Baltimore radio personality Lester Kinsolving (he’ll ask about how ‘the Reverend Mr. Jackson impregnated his mistress and used tax-exempt contributions to get her out of Chicago’). Within seconds, the wire service reporters in the front row will beg for an end to the briefing.”

Yesterday, however, McClellan actually slapped down Kinsolving after two long-winded and rhetorical questions about the Boy Scouts and the Palestinian leadership.

McLellan, from the transcript: “If you’re going to make comments, that’s fine — you’ve heard the President’s views on this, Les. We can sit here and shout over each other, or you can ask the questions, and I can give you our response. I’m going to keep moving for now.”

So does that mean he’ll stop calling on him?