Stirring the Pot in Iraq

From Holden:

It’s bad enough that the Sunnis are killing the Shiites in Iraq these days. But in case we forget, there’s another, possibly more intense conflict in the region between the Turks and the Kurds.

Last week five Turkish commandos were killed in Northern Iraq while en route to the Turkish Embassy in Baghdad.

Today the Turks are blaming the Kurds for the attack, as well as the U.S. for not providing security in the country we have occupied for nearly 20 months.

Turkish officials imply that the team was ambushed by the Northern Iraqi Kurdish groups and the US forces did not provide enough security.

Turkish General Tolon said “We saw how hostile those who we have supported for the years. We have noted this attack… It is unfortunate that the attack happened in a country (Iraq) which is under control of a friendly and ally country (US).”

Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul said one of the attackers was captured and investigation continues.


It is reported that attackers have connection with the PKK [Kurdistan Workers’ Party].