Return to What?

From Holden:

The Interim Government of Iraq says that citizens of Fallujah may return to their city, beginning tomorrow.

Iraq’s Association of Muslim Scholars (AMS) says no way.

In an exclusive statement to Tuesday December 21, AMS secretary general, Sheikh Hareth Suliman Al-Dari said, “Fallujah is completely destroyed and sabotaged. It has become uninhabitable with no water, electricity or wastewater facilities.”

“The rotten smell of the dead is widespread and smokes of internationally banned weapons [used by the US occupation] cover its sky. So, I don’t think they will return to it even if the occupation forces depart. They will probably be back in months or even years”, Al-Dari resumed.


“Fallujah is still under occupation and nobody can have access there but the US troops,” Al-Dari said, pointing out that “resistance still exists in some neighborhoods.”


There was no word, however, on measures declared by the US military recently on conditions set for the return of Fallujah displaced to their destroyed homes.

The set of police state measures were reported early December by the Boston Globe.

The measures include funneling Fallujans to so-called citizen processing centers on the outskirts of the city to compile a database of their identities through DNA testing and scanning, according to the American paper.

Hard to imagine a couple of hundred-thousand people returning to a city with no water supply.

The director of the Fallujah water board told the six-member, all-Iraqi [Red Cross] team that none of the four water treatment plants in the city are operational, said Ahmed Rawi, an ICRC spokesman.

“Most of them have been bombed or damaged because of the military operations,” Rawi said. “In the future, when the people return they will be served by mobile tanks that are placed in several areas in the city.”