Department of Oh, Is That All

Another department head out at the CIA.

The head of the CIA’s analysis branch has become the latest victim of a purge of the intelligence agency following the appointment of its new director, Porter Goss, it was reported yesterday.

Jami Miscik has told her department she will leave in February, calling her exit part of the CIA’s “natural evolution” under new management. But former intelligence officials who know her say she would have preferred to stay and was being forced out by Mr Goss, a close ally of President Bush. One former official told the New York Times: “The decision to depart was not hers.”

Good thing she wasn’t in charge of anything important.

Ms Miscik’s department, the directorate of intelligence, is responsible for assessing foreign intelligence from all sources and presenting its conclusions to policy makers.

She is responsible, in particular, for the “president’s daily brief” delivered to the White House every morning.

It would be funny, if not for the part where it completely isn’t.